Music Meister / Robot Unicorn Attack fanart.
My God, what have I done…?


A crapload of stuff that’s either brainstorming for THE BOOK or prelim sketches for commissions…
or other things that I have no idea what the hell.

and special thanks to my buddy Garrett who got me to inadvertently write the ending to THE BOOK last night as he was being sexually harassed via formspring.

And speaking of commissions: I’m still taking requests for 4.5×6 sketchy postcardthings of whatever you damn well please (well, keep it PG-13, at least?)! Pay whatever you want via paypal at seph_hunter06(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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2 Responses to Sketchdumpuary

  1. Wrae Ann says:

    Oh god, two of my favorite things. ♥

    I like how NPH can’t stop at just one musical villain.

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