Truly the most amazing shirt I have ever laid eyes upon.
I don’t even know what the context is. Why is this cat wearing a cowboy hat? What is happening to my world?
I didn’t buy it because I didn’t have the money to do so…

Which brings us to my next thing: I really hate to do this but I’m running a bit short on funds for my extravagant lifestyle this month soooo…

I’m taking requests for sketchcards. Cards will be black and white ink drawings on 4.5×6 pieces of bristol board and feel free to pay whatever you want via palpal at seph_hunter06(at)yahoo(dot)com. Either message or e-mail me with your mailing address if you want the physical card because I feel weird basically selling someone the “idea” of art. And no fetish porn please?

Oh who the hell am I kidding? No one’s reading this.

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2 Responses to JOURNALIN COMIX: wat.

  1. Bvilness says:

    Holy Fuck is a really cool analog electronic band from Toronto. Google or youtube ’em sometime, they’re awesome!

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