A Love Story

Not really a journal comic, buuuuut…

Today was the 10th anniversary of the US release of the Sega Dreamcast.

That thing was THE SHIT when I was 11. I mean, holy hell, a 3D Sonic game? YES PLEASE. Soul Calibur? HOT DAMN! Power Stone? Oh my god never have I kicked asses in such a manner before (Wang Tang was a cheap sonuvabitch). Heck it was the first system to let you play games on the INTERNET! I had no idea what a 56k modem was but it lets me meet interesting people and kill them so it must be cool!

Then the PS2 came out and raped it to death.

So today I ventured down to the basement to try and find my old DC, and lo and behold, it was tucked all cozy-like in a box with its games. And it still worked! I spent all afternoon playing Grandia II, Jet Set Radio, and Power Stone.

Anyway thanks for reading my lame sentimental blathering. Sorry about that. New comic tomorrow.

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2 Responses to A Love Story

  1. Andrew Kennedy says:

    I feel the same way for my Nintendo 64, man. You are not alone.

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